Don’t Forget to Consider Safety When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Don’t Forget to Consider Safety When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

It is common for families to spend a great deal of time together in the kitchen. Whether prepping food, eating meals, or having a family meeting, it’s a cozy, warm place that everyone can enjoy. That said, it can also be a danger zone. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we encourage families to consider ways they can improve safety when they begin a kitchen renovation.

Fires Are More Common Than You May Think

Are you surprised to learn that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, kitchen fires while cooking are the top cause of home fires? It’s true. The good news is that there are ways to stay safe. Fire suppression systems can be installed to put fires out quickly if they do happen. Make sure that you buy only top appliances to reduce the chance of fires caused by faulty wiring. Organize flammable items, such as dish towels, away from open flames and stoves.

Think About How Your Kitchen Will Be Used

Your kitchen likely gets plenty of traffic. If that’s the case, then you should make sure that your kitchen is laid out in a way that when you are cooking, there aren’t kids running by, pets underfoot, etc. Do this by planning out the layout of your fridge, stove, and seating area. Do not put the range next to the door, as people are more likely to walk there.

Ensure Your Floor is Slip Resistant

As you shop for flooring, remember that slip-resistance is essential. You are looking for tiles, matte-finished wood, or laminates that are made to be slip resistant. Use cleaning supplies that include additional slip resistant properties and grease-removal compounds.

A Safe Kitchen is a Well-Lit Kitchen

One of the most common things homeowners overlook is having a well-lit kitchen. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we provide lighting solutions that ensure it’s easy to see while you’re prepping. We recommend plenty of overhead lighting as well as specific task lighting for your prep and cooking areas. LED is a great choice because it is both gentle on your eyes and it lasts a long time.

Contact Your Local Kitchen Design Expert for Other Safety Tips

Before you start your remodel or renovation, be sure to talk to the experienced professionals at Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We have many years of experience helping clients just like you as you search for the best materials and appliances for your remodel. You are not in this alone.

Whether you know exactly what you want or you need professional advice on which options are best for your project, we are here to help. Call us at 626-799-3503 with specific questions or visit us to see our impressive showroom.

Kitchen Faucets 101: Discover Which Option Will Work Best for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Faucets 101: Discover Which Option Will Work Best for Your Kitchen

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, it can seem as though there are a million and one decisions to make. Some will be exciting and easy, while others may be more challenging. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we offer a wide range of materials in one place so you can do all your shopping with a company you trust. We also have designers on hand who can go over your choices and help you narrow down the options until you are left with the perfect results.

One of the decisions you may have to make is what type of kitchen faucet to install. Many homeowners put little thought into choosing the right one, but the fact of the matter is that you are likely to use your kitchen faucet daily. You want to make a choice that gets you something that’s both beautiful and functional. Today we are going to go over the main options and their benefits so you can decide what might work best for you.

Pull Out Faucets Are Often the Best Choice in Smaller Kitchens

If you have a limited amount of space around your sink, then a pull out faucet may be the best choice. It will come with an integrated pull-out sprayer, which means that you do not need to have another hole drilled to add a side-spray. If you end up needing to wash pots, pans, or other items that are too large to fit under the faucet, you can simply pull it out and fill it on the countertop. If you have an extra wide sink, or a double sink, the pull out option helps assure you can reach the entirety of your sink.

Pull Down Faucets Are Popular for Professional-Looking Kitchens

If you want a majestic, professional-grade kitchen then a pull down faucet may be the best choice. It’s also a great choice if you have a very large sink. The main concern here is assuring that you don’t have cabinets above your sink. If you do, then you’ll nee to make sure that they are high enough that your pull down faucet’s movement is not restricted.

Dual Handle Faucets

This is a more traditional option in which one handle controls the hot water and another controls the cold water. These offer a classic look and can be a great choice in a vintage kitchen. For example, the bridge style double handle faucet, in which decorative pipe risers are above the sink, is particularly popular. The only issue with this option is that it can take longer to find the perfect temperature.

Call or Stop by to See Your Kitchen Faucet Options

If you are ready to find out more about the options that will work best for your needs, then we welcome your visit to Mission West Kitchen and Bath. You can also call us at 626-799-3503 if there are questions we can answer for you.

Here’s a Bright Idea: Make Sure Lighting is Part of Your Bathroom Remodel Plan

Here’s a Bright Idea: Make Sure Lighting is Part of Your Bathroom Remodel Plan

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we have worked with many clients over the years, all of whom have different priorities when it comes time to design their new bathrooms. Some want a room with a vintage feel, others want a modern classic. No matter the style, no matter how much or how little room you have, every single bathroom has one factor that should always be carefully considered: Lighting.

To learn more about the important types of lighting you should consider in your bathroom, keep reading. Then contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 or stop by to let us help you fight the right lighting for your needs.

The Importance of Bathroom Task Lighting

In most cases, the first lighting we will recommend our clients decide on is their task lighting. As the name implies, this is the lighting that allows them to do what they need to do in the bathroom. For example, you would want direct light on your mirrors so that you can see clearly for applying makeup. A common mistake is to have only recessed lighting right above a mirror. This may look great, but it casts a shadow on the face and makes it hard to shave, get your hair done, or put on makeup.

We recommend task lighting that includes vertical fixtures, or perhaps scones, on both sides of the mirror. This provides not only plenty of lighting on the face, but even lighting.

Ambient Lighting is Important for Bathrooms with No Natural Light

If you have a bathroom with tall ceilings, a cove, cantilever details, or little to no natural light, then you may want to install ambient lighting along the perimeter. This will serve as fill lights and make the light in the room feel more natural. If you have decorative molding or other architectural details, you can hide the ambient lighting within in. The end result is a soft, cozy glow.

Accents and Decorative Lighting Make a Statement

If you have art in your bathroom then you may want accent lights to ensure that it is well lit. If you have installed a beautiful, unique tub then you may want to add accent lighting to showcase it. Likewise, you can always add lighting that acts as its own decoration. Consider a beautiful chandelier that will add light and beauty at the same time.

Consider the Types of Bulbs and Dimmers You Will Need

It is important to have the right fixtures but without the right bulbs, you will not get the results you want. Except for task lighting, which you may want to be very bright, you are likely to want softer lights in the bathroom. You may even add dimmers so that you can have bright lights when you’re getting ready, but softer, lighter ambiance when taking a bath.

No matter what your preferences are, you can contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath now to learn more about your millions of lighting options.

Can You Replace Your Kitchen Table with an Island? Find Out if It Will Work for You

Can You Replace Your Kitchen Table with an Island? Find Out if It Will Work for You

The role of the kitchen in the family home has changed over the years. It used to be that anyone who had the room would likely prefer a dining room table over more counterspace. Today this is not as true as it once was. Whether it’s because of the increase in countertop options that make islands look more beautiful than ever before, or the increase in kitchen appliances and gadgets that lead people to need more counterspace – or something else entirely – today we meet clients all the time who are considering dropping their kitchen table and installing an island.

This may make sense for your family and your home but it may not. Today we are offering a series of questions you can ask yourself and your family to help find out for sure if you can benefit from getting rid of your table and adding an island. Once you’ve made up your mind, or if you need additional help, you can contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 for all the quality products you need.

Do You Use Your Kitchen Table Often?

First and foremost, just be honest: How often do you use your kitchen table? If it has turned into a spot to drop your keys when you walk in the house but is otherwise not generally in use, then it is likely time to say goodbye. There are many groups of people we see using their kitchen tables less infrequently, including those who eat out most meals, are empty nesters with no children at home, or those who have a separate dining room.

Will Your Island Be as Comfortable as Your Table?

Even if you do use your kitchen table on a regular basis, this does not meant that you should necessarily stick with it. In some cases, a kitchen island can be just as comfortable to sit around – if not more so – than a dining room table. You will need to think critically about the layout of your kitchen and the space you have to add an island. Will the shape and size of that island allow it to be used as well as your kitchen table is used?

Do You Need the Delineation Between Different Zones in Your Kitchen?

For some people, the kitchen island is a line between the part of their kitchen where they eat and the part of their kitchen where they work. Turning it into a table can make these people feel that they are working in their eating zone or eating in their work zone. It can make meal times and prep times both less enjoyable.

After considering these questions, have you decided whether or not to replace your kitchen table with an island? At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are happy to use our many years of design experience to help you make the right choices for your home. Contact us at 626-799-3503 or stop by to see us in person.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a New Kitchen Layout

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a New Kitchen Layout

Are you considering a major kitchen remodel? If so, you have a lot of things to consider. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we offer a wide range of high-quality equipment, materials, and products ranging from unique lighting fixtures to countertops and everything in between. Read on to learn five questions to ask yourself to plan the perfect kitchen layout then contact us at 626-799-3503 if you need assistance.

  1. What Do You Want to Do in Your Kitchen?

  2. First and foremost, think about how your kitchen will be used. If you have a large family then you will likely be cooking and cleaning often. If you have children then you may need an area for them to do their homework. If you often have dinner parties then you may need a large island and beverage bar. Whether you’re a baker or you order out, your kitchen layout should work for what you want to do in the kitchen.

  3. Is Your Space Sufficient?

  4. It may be that your only option is to work with what you have but it could also be true that knocking down a wall could significantly increase your kitchen space. Do not get stuck assuming you are stuck with what you have unless your truly are.

  5. What Is Working in Your Current Kitchen – And What Isn’t

  6. You are not starting from scratch – you are doing a significant remodel. As a result, you already have an idea of what needs to be changed. While you may be likely to focus on the aspects of your kitchen that don’t work, such as a lack of space, be sure you are also taking into account what does work, such as natural light from a window.

  7. What Appliances Are You Going to Include?

  8. It used to be that kitchens were built with a work triangle in mind, with an over, fridge, and sink all together. Today’s kitchens can be much more flexible. You may want to have two refrigerators. You may need a dishwasher, a sperate range from your oven, a built-in coffee maker – the list is endless. However, appliances take up a lot of space so it is wise to begin by placing them before figuring out the rest of your design.

  9. What Zones Do You Need?

  10. Today’s kitchens are all about zones: Prep zones, cooking zones, baking zones, washing zones, etc. You can create any type of zone you need, just be sure that everything you need to complete that zone’s task are located in or near that zone.

These are just some of the questions that can help you determine how to design the layout of your kitchen. If you are ready to consider all the available materials and products you have to work with, we recommend you call Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 or stop by to see our showroom for yourself.

These Are the Only 5 Design Tips You Need to Create an Inviting Bathroom

These Are the Only 5 Design Tips You Need to Create an Inviting Bathroom

When you’re considering redecorating your bathroom, what is your top priority? If you want a room that’s warm, inviting, and beautiful then we have some ideas for you. Read on to learn our five top design tips for creating an inviting bathroom. Then contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 or stop by 905 Mission Street to see some of our incredible products for yourself.

  1. Keep the project simple

  2. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available to you. This can lead to some very complicated projects that cause too much hassle and too much money. Make a list of what you need: Shower, toilet, sink, etc. Then make a list of what you want: Bathtub, unique lighting, etc. When you make decisions based on these two categories, it is much easier to keep the process and the results simple.

  3. Add touches of luxury

  4. Mirroring a hotel bathroom is not a great way to create an inviting bathroom. That said, adding a few luxury touches is a great way to ensure the bathroom helps people feel pampered. This could be a permanent luxury touch, such as a top of the line bathroom countertop, or it could be as simple as a basket in which you load up pampering products.

  5. Walk through getting it set up

  6. It is common for homeowners to focus so much on the way the end results will look that they forget that it must also be functional. Go through your morning and evening rituals. Think about the products and appliances you need. Have you made space for them? Do you have easy access to everything you need? Do you have enough room?

  7. Leave space to grow

  8. While you do want to ensure that you have room for what you need today, remember that your needs will change as the years go on. If you plan to live in your home for many years, consider what your long-term needs might be. Leave extra space for additional storage and other essentials.

  9. Balance practicality with beauty

  10. It is common for homeowners to believe that they can either choose an element of their remodel that’s beautiful or one that’s practical. They may decide to choose a few practical items and a few beautiful ones. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are here to tell you that everything you need can also be beautiful. We can help with everything from plumbing fixtures to toilets. Everything can be beautiful and fit in with your style.

Are you ready to get the process started? Do you want help from an experienced design expert who can answer your questions? Contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 or stop by to see your options with your own eyes.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Can Have a Major Impact

Minor Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Can Have a Major Impact

If you have dreamed of a brand-new kitchen but don’t have the budget for it, there is good news: There are some relatively minor remodeling projects that can give you the look and feel of a new kitchen for much less. Keep reading to learn more about your options and then reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 if you need help finding the best materials and products for your project.

Repainting your cabinets

If you’ve grown tired of looking at your outdated cabinets but they still function well then a simple coat of paint could be all it takes. It costs just a fraction of what it would cost to replace your cabinets – even if you decide to hire the professionals to handle it for you. As an added bonus, you can choose a color that better showcases your personality. Then add unique kitchen hardware for a truly customized look.

Install an island

Many homeowners don’t have nearly enough work space in their kitchen and they believe they don’t have many options. Short of knocking out a wall and adding an addition, how can you get more space in your kitchen? Installing an island! They make islands that fit in tight areas of the kitchen and you can even have one custom made for your space. Don’t assume you can’t fit one in until you research the many options out there.

Add new lighting

The amount of light your kitchen gets has a huge impact on the entire workspace. Not only does extra light help you better focus on your kitchen tasks, but it can help the room look bigger, airier, and more beautiful. In addition to what the lighting itself brings, don’t discount the difference the lighting fixtures can make. The spectacular options we offer can truly change the entire aesthetic of a kitchen.

Paint your walls

You may think of the appliances, counters, and cabinets when you consider remodeling your kitchen, but the simplest way to make a huge impact may be to change the color of the walls. Whether you choose to go bold and bring in tons of unique color and light, or you choose more classic color scheme for an elegant kitchen, freshly painted walls help an area look clean and fresh.

Replace your backsplash

It used to be that installing a backsplash required grout, hours of work, and a huge mess. Today’s backsplash options are much easier to install and many homeowners can do it themselves. When you install a new backsplash, make sure you are choosing an option that is easy to clean and maintain.

If you are ready to move forward and learn more about the potential for a kitchen remodeling project, reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 and let us get you started.

Follow These 4 Tips When Adding a Laundry Room Addition Off Your Kitchen

Follow These 4 Tips When Adding a Laundry Room Addition Off Your Kitchen

It wasn’t long ago that laundry rooms were almost always regulated to the basement in most of the country. California homes often don’t have basements but laundry was often regulated to garages or other out-of-the-way areas. Today’s home designs are more and more often featuring laundry facilities in more convenient areas.

We are seeing many homeowners choose to have their laundry rooms built right off of their kitchens. If this is something you are interested in then we suggest contacting Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to learn more about the options that would work best for your needs. In the meantime, read on to find out more about four tips that can help you make the most of a laundry room off your kitchen.

  1. Prioritize making your laundry room a multipurpose room
  2. There is no reason that your laundry room has to exist solely for doing laundry. Can it also be a mudroom? What about a room for storing sports equipment? By adding extra sinks, countertops, or peg boards, you can take a plain laundry room and turn it into a room that helps with many needs.

  3. Let your laundry room have its own style
  4. When’s the last time you saw a laundry room that had any kind of style? They are most commonly white with white walls. Instead of this hygienic option, consider designing your laundry room to have its own style. For example, install a unique sink instead of the standard issue laundry room sink. Install a luxury countertop to fold your laundry.

  5. Create kitchen storage room
  6. Most homeowners wish they had more storage area in their kitchen. Whether they would use it as a home for appliances and kitchen gadgets they don’t use often, for dry goods, or for an extra freezer, the laundry room can double as a pantry.

  7. Add smart technology
  8. One of the most sought-after elements homebuyers are looking for are smart technologies throughout the home. This can include advanced washers and dryers as well as security if the laundry room has an exterior exit. Why not install a TV in the corner so you can watch while you fold? Whatever the specifics, adding technology to any room is a great way to get the most from it and to add value to the home.

While you are working on technology make sure you are thinking of safety too. For example, consider locks for cabinets that have cleaners and chemicals that could harm kids or pets.

If you are considering updating your kitchen or adding a laundry room, then you need to work with the best in the business. You have found that with Mission West Kitchen and Bath. Contact us at 626-799-3503 and let us get your project started for you.

A Look to the Future: Anticipated 2019 Trends in Kitchen Design

A Look to the Future: Anticipated 2019 Trends in Kitchen Design

As the year starts winding down, at Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are reflecting on some of the incredible projects we’ve completed but we’re also looking toward the future. In our decades of experience, we know that choosing design elements that the homeowner loves is the most important thing. However, we are also sure to be in a position to provide accurate information to our clients about current and future trends.

While the true trends of 2019 kitchen design will not be clear for some months to come, we’ve seen started to see some repeated patterns that may indicate what the top trends will be in 2019. Take a look at our predictions and see which ones you fall in love with. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 for a free quote and consultation.

Kitchens will incorporate more technology

It doesn’t take an expert to know that technology is in high demand in many industries. However, in the world of design some trends have started to see this reduced. As homeowners become wary of entirely automating their homes, they begin to look to more classic elements. This has not yet been seen in kitchens.

In fact, we have seen homeowners moving toward smart kitchen technology at breakneck speed. This includes smart appliances, motion sensors, smart lighting, and much more. It can cost a pretty penny to completely outfit a kitchen with the latest in technology, but replacing one appliance at a time can be a cost-effective option for some homeowners.

Warm kitchen floors

Kitchens have always been a room in the home that families tend to flock around. However, until recent years ensuring comfort as a part of a kitchen’s design has not been a priority. This is changing. We are seeing a lot of ways in which kitchens are becoming cozier, including adding warm floors. A popular choice are high-quality hardwood floors that add elegance and style too.

Unique layouts

For homeowners building a kitchen from scratch, there may be additional layout options in 2019. Traditional kitchens are designed in the way they are for a reason – these layouts are tried and true. However, we’re seeing homes with fridges in corners, appliances on the opposite side of where we’d expect, and even a return to the galley-style kitchens.

Eclectic color combinations

Bold and colorful kitchens are likely to be all the rage in 2019. From colorful and unique appliances, to hand painted tiles that create a mosaic masterpiece, there seems to be no shortage of ways in which designers are finding ways to add splashes of color all over the kitchen.

Remember that while looking at design trends is a great way to get inspired, it all comes down to your person preferences. When you choose to work with Mission West Kitchen and Bath, you can count on us to offer our design advice but to follow your vision. Contact us at 626-799-3503 to get the process started.

Want to Make Your Kitchen Design Warmer? Check Out Our Top Tips

Want to Make Your Kitchen Design Warmer? Check Out Our Top Tips

When you imagine the perfect kitchen, what do you imagine? Do you think of a crisp, white, clean kitchen? Or do you think of a warm, cozy, inviting kitchen? Today we are going to focus on the latter option. If you think of our kitchen as the heart of your home and want to make sure that it’s as cozy and warm as possible, then you will appreciate these tips from Mission West Kitchen and Bath.

Add an area rug

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look warm and inviting is to add a cozy area rug. You can find one at a local home accessory store or you may choose to buy one at a local vintage shop. It’s a great way to add both color and comfort to your kitchen, and to make a bland space feel warmer. If you add a cushioned rug bad, you’ll even be making your kitchen more comfortable to cook in! Just make sure you choose a rug that’s easy to clean because it is likely to need regular cleaning if it’s in the kitchen.

Bring in art to hang on the walls

There may be nothing as cozy and comfortable as unique art. If you have a decent budget, then you can go out and support local artists in your community. If your budget is a little smaller, then adding art could be as simple as buying a few nice frames and adding photos of your family. Make sure you are bringing bright colors to your art, as it will help to add warmth versus neutral or black and white photos.

Use a variety of textures

A great way to add both depth and warmth to a kitchen is by adding a variety of textures. For example, you could add wicker baskets throughout your kitchen for storage, use upholstered chairs for your seating, and even add a roman shade on the window. These are just a few examples of adding a variety of textures for a unique, warm look.

Invest in unique hardware

There is an almost unending supply of unique kitchen hardware available to you. Incorporation warm finishes like brass or gold ad both coziness and luxury, which is often a difficult combination to achieve. If you have a limited budget, or you simply don’t want to do a major renovation, adding hardware is a great way to make big changes with a small budget.

Bring in nature

Whether you bring in live plants or materials made from natural woods, when you bring in any type of outdoor element, you will be immediately making the room feel cozier and warmer. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, adding a wood-burning fireplace is the best way to maximize these natural elements.

When you need assistance finding the right materials to make a warm kitchen, whether it’s inviting lighting or vintage-inspired appliances, Mission West Kitchen and Bath is here for you. Contact us today at 626-799-3503 to get started.