5 Simple Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen

5 Simple Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen

If you know your kitchen isn’t quite perfect but you’re not sure what the problem is, it may be that you need a pop of color. Neutral kitchens are popular, stunning, and a great long-term investment but they can become bland. If you think this may be the problem, consider one of these five simple ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen décor.

  1. Create a Colorful Display
  2. If you have colorful dishes or cookware that you love, put it on display. You can install open shelving that shows off these lovely colors but also works as a great way to store your belongings. You can use wooden shelves and greenery if you would like add a natural element too. You have total creative freedom with this project and can easily change it up to use different display pieces at any time.

  3. Install a Colorful Backsplash
  4. There are an endless number of lovely colors you can choose when you pick out a backsplash. You can pick a single color that adds a great pop, or you can add a backsplash with a rainbow of colors. We recommend that you choose an easy-to-clean backsplash because if it’s the only colorful spot in the kitchen it is sure to draw the eye.

  5. Choose Colorful Cabinets
  6. You can choose bright, bold colors for cabinet doors that will truly stand out. You can choose to have all your cabinet doors this bright color or you can use neutral colors for most cabinets and have one or two doors pop.

  7. Remember Your Rugs
  8. If you want something that is less permanent, then a colorful rug may be a good choice for you. Remember that it will only be seen by those who walk into the kitchen so it will not add the overreaching bold color you may want. Look for a rug that can be machine washed as it is sure to get dirty on the kitchen floor.

  9. Consider Unique Fixtures
  10. Finally, think about the various fixtures throughout your kitchen. You may have a kitchen that’s all black and white and adding a gold-colored kitchen sink could really stand out. Maybe a copper kitchen faucet will make a big difference. Choosing options that are both functional and fabulous is a great way to get double for your money.

We Are Here to Help You Find the Right Kitchen Remodeling Materials

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we believe you should be able to get all the kitchen remodeling materials you need in a single place. That is why we offer a wide range of hardware, counters, appliances, lighting options, and much more. Feel free to give us a call at 626-799-3503 if you have questions about how we can help you, or visit our location to see our work for yourself.

Learn about 6 of the Top Countertop Trends in 2019

Learn about 6 of the Top Countertop Trends in 2019

Finding the right countertop for your bathroom or kitchen can be difficult yet exciting. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we carry numerous options, all of which are of the highest quality. Keep reading to learn about six of the latest trends in countertops but remember that there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple either.

  1. Quartz Will Continue to Be Popular
  2. Granite was dominating the countertop scene for many years due to the fact that it is durable, strong, and looks great. However, there is one big downside: It is very porous. That means that any type of water, oil, etc., has the potential to stain it. This porousness can also lead to bacteria growing. As a result of these downsides – plus the high cost – quartz became known as a popular alternative. While some weren’t sure if this would last, indeed its popularity has done nothing but grow.

  3. The Debate Conditions: Honed vs. Polished
  4. Anyone who was hoping for an answer to the age-old debate of hone vs. polished will not be happy with the fact that this is far from being settled. Polished is more popular, but honed options – and even textured choices like leather – are growing in popularity year after year. Honed options can be applied to granite, quartz, marble, and other materials.

  5. Patterns Are Very Popular in 2019
  6. We have noticed not just in countertops but in everything from fixtures to accessories, homeowners are focusing more on character than they have in the past. This is due in part to the role that technology plays – it is easier and more cost effective than ever before to offer creative ways to add patterns to countertops.

  7. Kitchen Sinks Are Becoming More Integrated
  8. As countertops become more modern, kitchen sinks are close behind. You will find that integrated sinks are no long as popular as they were in recent years. Instead, homeowners are looking for unique finishes, sizes, and styles that work with their countertops but are not a part of them. We’re also seeing quite a few oversized sinks take over the industry.

  9. Neutral May Be Making a Comeback
  10. One of the most surprising aspects of countertop trends is the fact that more people are showing a preference for soft neutral tones than we are used to. We have been watching Art Deco and mid-century modern take their place in the kitchen, and they are now being pushed out by neutrals.

  11. Backsplashes Are Coming Out
  12. Backsplashes are no longer just for the backsplash – these tiles are now being used on the counters more and more often. In some cases the enter counter could be tile, while in other instances there is some bright, backsplash tile within the counter.

One thing that will not be changing with the seasons is the high quality products you have come to expect from Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We will continue offering the best in the business and look forward to helping you find your perfect countertop.

Don’t Choose Bathroom Lighting Options Until You Read This

Don’t Choose Bathroom Lighting Options Until You Read This

The right bathroom lighting is important for a wide range of reasons. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are proud to carry some of the most innovative, high-quality, and beautiful lighting choices – but before you buy, read this article. If you have questions, contact us at 626-799-3503.

Side-Mounted Scones Can Solve Many Bathroom Lighting Issues

All bathrooms are different, but for many of them, the best lighting option is a side-mounted scone. It may be on one side, or one on each side of a mirror, and the shades should be placed at eye level. You will want to mount the backplate ate eye level, but the shade opening of glass down-lights should be just below eye-level. If you are using glass up-lights, then it should be just above eye-level.

Focus on Layers of Light

We recommend three layers of light for the most beautiful overall lighting. This helps evenly distribute light. You can accomplish it by combining ambient light with chandeliers, pedants, or flush mounts, and then adding a second layer, such as task lighting for applying makeup and other daily activities. The third layer highlights the architectural features of your bathroom along with the décor.

Pendants Offer Unique Alternatives

If you do not like sconces, pendants may be a better choice. They are elegant and work great on vanities, but they can also be used as ambient lighting or even accent lighting if you need them to. We like a mix of patterns for these lights.

It is Best to Stick to the Same or Similar Finishes

As you are looking at lighting options, you do not need to worry about the bathroom hardware matching exactly, but you do want to make sure that they complement each other. For example, you may not want silver hardware with gold fixtures but nickel would be fine with silver.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Tub Area

You may not think of the tub area as a place that needs lighting but it certainly does. If you regularly use the bathtub, consider adding special ambiance. This could be soothing lights that are part of the overall lighting scheme, or unique lights for the particular area. We recommend adding at least one overhead fixture as it can help provide the best ambiance.

Choose the Right Size Fixtures

The size and style of your bathroom will dictate the size of fixtures that are best for it. You may want to add a pendant light or chandelier, but you want to make sure that they reasonably fit into the room. Remember that your fixtures, if the wrong size, can make your bathroom look smaller or more cavernous than it is.

If you want to find the best bathroom lighting fixtures and much more, contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 or stop by our location to check out your options in person.

Learn Which Kitchen Sink Materials Can Best Resist Stains

Learn Which Kitchen Sink Materials Can Best Resist Stains

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right kitchen sink, including which one is going to be the most durable and look beautiful for as long as possible. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we offer many kitchen plumbing fixtures that can serve you for years to come, but today we are going to look at the types of materials that are least likely to become stained. Keep reading and then contact us at 626-799-3503 if you have questions.

Stainless Steel Resists Stains and Scratches

As the name implies, stainless steel resists stains. It also resists scratches and can withstand very high heat, which makes it a great choice for most kitchens. After extensive testing, Consumer Reports found that the gauge of the stainless steel did not affect how well it worked. For those who like the benefits of stainless steel but do not like the sound of the dishes on it, consider adding a specially made pad that can absorb that sound.

Cast-Iron Sinks Are Another Great Choice That Resist Scratches

Another durable option is a cast-iron sink. These are generally covered with porcelain or enamel, either of which is very durable. That said, remember that they are very heavy. You will need a solidly constructed cabinet in which to install this type of heavy sink. While temperatures will not affect cast iron, it is possible to chip the coating if silverware and other hard, sharp objects are simply thrown into them. Likewise, cleaning it with an abrasive cleaner can damage it.

Composite Granite Sinks Can Resist Many Things

A composite granite sink, which is a product that is engineered with real granite, is specifically made to resist scratches, chips, and stains – as well as fruit acids. As is true of stainless and cast-iron, composite granite sinks can handle extremely high temperatures and do not fade as a result of being exposed to heat. This option generally involves a matte finish that can handle a lot of abuse. That said, you still want to avoid abrasive cleaners.

Copper Sinks Are a Growing Trend

There are some real advantages to copper sinks. First, they are simply charming and help make any room more interesting. Second, they kill bacteria. Finally, it is as heat resistant as it comes – that’s why you often see copper on the bottom of pots and pans. The downside is that copper can change colors over time, and food acids and beverages can speed up that process. Cooper sinks are higher maintenance options than most.

If you are considering investing in a new sink, or other kitchen upgrade, we urge you to contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to find out what your options are. We carry the latest in design and provide a wealth of options for you. Call or stop by our showroom today.

Consider These 5 Steps to Pick Out the Best Bathroom Vanity

Consider These 5 Steps to Pick Out the Best Bathroom Vanity

Shopping for a bathroom vanity can be a lot of fun – until you become overwhelmed by all the options available to you. If you are in the process of narrowing down the options, we suggest that you consider these five factors in order to choose the right bathroom vanity for your choice. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are standing by to help you – just call us at 626-799-3503 to learn more.

  1. Think About Who Will Be Using the Sink and How They Will Be Using It
  2. One of the most important aspects of the vanity will be who is using it and what they will be using it for. If you are part of a couple then you may want a double sink, while a single person may want just a single. If you plan to do your makeup and hair at your vanity, then you will need more room and storage than someone who plans to simply wash their hands and brush their teeth.

  3. Determine Where Your Plumbing is Located
  4. One of the deciding factors in where you can install your vanity is where the plumbing is located. You can make changes to this, but it will cost time and money. Ideally, you would find a vanity that fits with your current plumbing. The location of the plumbing can also affect the style you can chose, as you would not choose a floor-mounted vanity if the plumbing hookups are higher than average.

  5. Consider What Issues May Affect the Right Placement
  6. You can change the bathroom fixtures, your first choice tub, and other designs. What is much harder to change is the position of doors and walls. Think about which way the door swings as you do not want to deal with a door that swings in and hits your vanity. If you have a shower door instead of a curtain, think about how that door could potentially get in the way. Finally, think about the flow of traffic – you do not want your vanity to make it hard to take advantage of the rest of your bathroom.

  7. Think About Storage
  8. Storage is one of the most important things in a bathroom yet it is something that many homeowners say they don’t have nearly enough of. Vanities can bring more storage but only if you choose the right one and put it in the right space. Think about how many columns of drawers you can reasonably accommodate, think about how cabinets will extend, and consider the entire room as a whole.

  9. Take Wear and Tear into Consideration
  10. You want a vanity that will look great the day it is installed but, more importantly, you want a vanity that’s going to look great years from now. You will find plenty of cheap materials that may fit the bill today but will need to be replaced much sooner than they should. Turn to Mission West Kitchen and Bath for high-quality materials and products at competitive prices.

Which of These Current Bathroom Design Trends Are You Most Excited About?

Which of These Current Bathroom Design Trends Are You Most Excited About?

There are some truly interesting trends coming out of the world of bathroom design this year. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are excited to see the changes and have stocked the latest and most modern options. Which of these current bathroom design trends is the most exciting to you? Give us a call at 626-799-3503 if you need help narrowing down your options or designing your bathroom.

Underfloor Heating

We’ve all done it: Gotten out of a hot shower on a cool day and found the floor freezing. This is why most people have bathroom rugs but a new trend is making those rugs obsolete: Underfloor heating. This may seem like a vanity trend but in truth it has a number of benefits in addition to keeping your feet warm. For example, its generally about 25% more effective than a traditional heating source, which can help you cut down on heating costs overall.

Quartz Countertops

It wasn’t long ago that it seemed every bathroom countertop was made from either granite and marble. Today, there are more options, the most popular of which is quartz. It is very durable as well as non-porous, which helps it resist stains, bacteria, and other types of germs. It can also be engineered to be the same color as your design, and be made into generally any shape to fit perfectly.

Frameless Shower Doors

It used to be that a shower curtain needed to be replaced every few months or it would become faded, stained, and covered with mold or mildew. Those days are gone. Today’s modern bathrooms have seamless, open flows that let in lots of light. Frameless glass shower doors are an extension of this trend. They are tough, they are durable, and they bring an elegant feel to a bathroom. They’re also very easy to clean and are much more resistant to mold than shower curtains.

Towel Warmers

This may seem like an extravagant addition – and it is! It’s a fantastic design element that offers a delightful experience each time you grab a towel from it. If you want a spa-like experience at home, then towel warmers are a relatively affordable luxury that you can enjoy every time you take a shower.

Freestanding Bathtubs

We are seeing a serious run on freestanding bathtubs. In the past decade, jacuzzi tubs have been all the rage but today many clients are looking for quieter, more relaxing tub experiences. We offer freestanding tubs in all types of finishes, including a vintage look, sleek modern feels, and even wood or copper.

Feel free to stop by our showroom to see some of the most recent design elements in person. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we are standing by to provide you with an optimal buying and design experience. Give us a call at 626-799-3503 with any questions.

A Step-by-Step Process to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

A Step-by-Step Process to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we love helping our clients find the perfect kitchen appliances, fixtures, and more. One thing we often recommend before the remodeling process begins is a deep cleaning of the kitchen. Why? Because something that looks like it needs to be replaced may be perfectly serviceable if given a deep clean. Keep reading to find out our own step-by-step process to deep clean a kitchen, then stop by or call us at 626-799-3503 for help with all your kitchen design needs.

Deep Cleaning Kitchen Counters and Cabinets

The first step is to empty out your cabinets and drawers completely. Throw away anything that is not working at all and donate things that you are simply not using. Wash out the inside of your counters and cabinets and use a de-greasing product both on top and under your cabinets and on your backsplashes. If you have a wooden façade or metal hardware, polish it.

As you put everything back, check the expiration dates and remove anything that’s expired. If you have season items, put them in the very back. Group together commonly used and / or similar things in the front. Think about how your kitchen storage is being used and ensure you are using the space as wisely as possible. Clean off your countertops with the right solution for their surface material, and make sure you’re also cleaning all the items before they are returned to the countertop.

Deep Cleaning Appliances

Kitchen appliances withstand a lot of wear and tear. To make sure they are fresh, sparkling, and beautiful, start by wiping down the surfaces with a warm, soapy water mixture. Then rinse off the sap and buff them with a dry cloth. Empty your fridge of all food and throw away anything that’s expired. Then clean the inside of your fridge with dishwashing liquid and water. Baking soda is a great option to get rid of any odors to get rid of stains.

To clean your oven, get an oven cleaning product and follow the directions, being sure to also clean off the oven racks, grates, griddles, burners, etc. You can get rid of any tough stains on a glass or ceramic cooktop with a mixture of baking soda and water. Wipe down the exterior of your microwave and steam clean the inside by microwaving a cup of water for three minutes.

Deep Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Grab your vacuum cleaner and all its attachments. You can get into the crevices between your appliances and cabinets. Scrub the baseboards, remove any rugs, and remove chairs from the room. Mop the floor, working in a pattern that allows you to get out of the room without walking on a wet floor.

These are just a few ideas on how you can deep clean your kitchen before making design decisions. For help with kitchen appliances, hardware, fixtures, and much more, stop by Mission West Kitchen and Bath or give us a call at 626-799-3503.

How Tall Should Your Kitchen Island Be? Get Answers to This and Other Questions About Islands

How Tall Should Your Kitchen Island Be? Get Answers to This and Other Questions About Islands

In today’s world of kitchen remodeling, kitchen islands have become almost standard – and for good reason. They are beautiful, they add a lot of storage space, they add prep space, and they can also add an area for seating. However, not all kitchens are the right size or shape for a kitchen island. Keep reading to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about kitchen islands and then contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 for help.

How Should Your Kitchen Island Be?

It depends largely on what your kitchen is mostly used for. If you are an average homeowner then your kitchen is likely mostly used to prepare food and cook. In that event, the recommend height is about 36 inches. Think of seating at this height as between the height of a kitchen table and your average bar stool. On the other hand, if your kitchen island is going to be used primarily as a place for extra seating and for eating, then 42 inches may be a better option.

How Wide Should Your Kitchen Island Be?

In most cases, a kitchen island is going to be about two or three feet. However, if you the room and you want more counter space or seating space, then you may want it wider. If you are going to install a cooktop or a kitchen sink in your island, then you may need to make it as much as seven feet wide.

What’s the Right Depth for a Kitchen Island?

We recommend that you do not build a kitchen island that is less than two feet deep. That said, make sure you are leaving enough room on all sides. For this, we recommend at least three feet of floor space on each end of the island. The point is that you should be able to easily move around the island. If you can’t, then you won’t get much use from it at all.

Do Islands Have Any Additional Uses?

Yes, they certainly can. If you need extra storage in your kitchen, you may want to install a few 24-inch base cabinets back to back under your island. You can also install a two-tiered kitchen island that has many functions, such as a lower level for food prep and higher level for eating. You could even install a second stove and / or sink to truly maximize your space.

What is the Next Step in Getting a Kitchen Island?

If you are ready to learn about more space-saving options and unique ways to improve the layout of your kitchen, then we recommend contacting Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to learn more about our unique options. You can also stop by our showroom to see the variety and quality of products we offer.

Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Right Drain for Your Bathroom

Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Right Drain for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right shower drain may seem like a minor consideration but in fact it is much more important than you may realize. It does more than let water drain – it also adds a unique look. You want something that is going to be functional but that will also look great. Keep reading to find out more about your options, then contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to learn more about your many options.

Understand the Two Main Options

While there are a seemingly endless number of shower drains on the market, they mostly fall into one of two categories: Point drains or linear drains. Point drains are more common and are what you likely think of when you think of a shower drain. They are generally installed in the middle of the shower floor and the floor is then sloped toward the drain.

In fact, the shower floor is actually a gently sloped funnel that moves all the water toward the drain. If this is the type of drain you want, we recommend looking for a square drain grate – not a round one. Why? Because tiles are square and we think that square tile drains fit in better than round tile drains – plus the installer will not need to make a round cut into your square tile.

The second type is a linear drain, which, as the name suggest is long and narrow. It offers added style to your shower and has become much more popular in recent years. Depending on your preferences, it could be installed in the middle of the floor, but more often they are installed along one wall of the shower. These involve the shower floor sloping gently and evenly toward the drain without a funnel. You can get linear drains in lengths of up to 72”.

Both linear and point drains will work equally well to get water away, unless you have an extremely large amount of water in your shower. However, you will find that point drains are generally more affordable than linear drains.

The Main Advantage of a Linear Drain

We discussed a big advantage of linear drains above (the fact that most tiles are square) but there is another one: You can use larger tiles. Since the floor slopes evenly in a single direction, rather than all toward the middle as with point drains, you can use one type of tile throughout the bathroom and it can be of any size. When many people are shopping for the right bathroom countertop options, it’s nice to be able to install tile throughout.

These are just a few tips about a few of the types of drains. If you have questions or want to see examples of these drains, please work with Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We are standing by to offer comprehensive help with all your bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs.

4 Space-Changing Tips to Maximize Storage Space in Your Kitchen

4 Space-Changing Tips to Maximize Storage Space in Your Kitchen

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face in their kitchens is finding enough space. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we have helped with many kitchen makeovers and have found unique storage options. Keep reading to learn about four of our best tips to maximize storage area. Then contact us at 626-799-3503 or stop by our location if you want to see some ideas in person.

  1. It’s All About the Cabinets

  2. There is no area in your kitchen that is more valuable for storage space than your cabinets. This is not news to anyone, but we find that many homeowners do not act accordingly. Every single inch of your cabinets should be well utilized. Add multiple-shelf units to your cabinets, movable trays, and other additions that can make it simple and easy to use every square inch of space in your cabinets.

  3. Take Extra Time to Consider Where to Store Your Dishes

  4. Dishes are one of the most difficult aspects of your kitchen when it comes to organizing. Why? Because dishes take up a lot of space yet they are used every day. You want to keep them nearby, but this means giving up a lot of cabinet space. There are many solutions to this, such as adding dishes storage to your countertop, installing hooks for coffee cups and wine glasses, and storing less-often-used dishes away from your kitchen.

  5. Keep Your Drawers Organized

  6. Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen where you throw the miscellaneous items that don’t have a home? If so, get it out of your kitchen. There is surely a room in your home that has an extra drawer – don’t waste one in your kitchen. You can also buy organization trays to make your cabinet drawers more space-effective. For example, you can stack short organization trays one on top of each other and effectively double your space.

  7. Stack When You Can

  8. It’s not always possible to stack but if you, do it. Buy bowls that match so that you can stack them. Stack larger plates underneath smaller plates. Choose coffee mugs that can be stacked. It’s such a simple thing but, as we mentioned above, if you make every inch of your cupboards and cabinets count, you will get the most from the room you have.

Do You Need Help Finding the Best Kitchen Appliances and Remodeling Materials?

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath we offer everything you need for your kitchen remodel in one convenient place. From lighting to new plumbing fixtures, from countertops to vanities, we can find exactly what you need. Don’t waste time going to dozens of stores when a single retailer offers everything you need. Call us at 626-799-3503 with questions or stop by our location at your convenience.