Kitchen Sink Must-Haves for the Home Chef

Learn about the latest accessories that can make kitchen prep and cleanup easier.

Kitchen Sink Must-Haves for the Home ChefIf you love to cook—or if you have to cook a lot for your family—you know that your kitchen sink needs to be much more than just a design accent for your kitchen. Your sink plays a big role in your workflow, so you need a sink that is practical as well as beautiful.

Here are some of the top features you many want to look for when choosing a new sink for your busy kitchen.

Cutting Board System: Many of the latest undermount kitchen sinks are now coming equipped with cutting boards that can easily slot into the sink opening. With a cutout hole to send food scraps into the sink and down the disposal, these cutting boards can really streamline your workflow. Plus, they look pretty slick.

Clutter Killing Caddies: If you’ve invested in a beautiful kitchen countertop, you probably don’t like to clutter it up with lots of ugly utilitarian items like soap dispensers, sponges, and scrub brushes. Many sinks offer specially designed caddy systems to corral this clutter. For example, you might choose a system with a special pocket for your sponge or a small towel bar inside the sink for your dishcloth. Caddies designed to hold dirty silverware are also available.

Bottom Rack: While the primary purpose of a rack in the bottom of your sink is to protect the finish from scratches, racks can also be very convenient when it comes to washing produce. If you have a deep sink, you might like a raised rack that will put your produce within easy reach while washing.

Secondary Prep Sink: If you have a large kitchen that can accommodate a second sink in an island or a dedicated prep area, go for it. Having a second sink will help you keep prep and cleanup tasks separate, which will not only keep you organized but also make cooking more convenient. Some people like to opt for a no-touch faucet at the prep sink so that they can wash bread dough or other messes off their hands without touching the faucet.

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At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have a wide selection of unique designer kitchen sinks for you to choose from, including contemporary fireclay sinks, rustic copper sinks, and classic stainless steel sinks. Plus, we have plenty of practical and beautiful kitchen faucets to pair with your designer sink. Come visit us today.

Last Bathroom Remodel You’ll Ever Need: Solutions for Aging in Place

Mission West Kitchen and Bath offers practical and attractive products for your aging in place bathroom remodel.

Last Bathroom Remodel You’ll Ever Need: Solutions for Aging in PlaceAre you approaching your golden years? You’ve probably been preparing your finances for retirement for many years now. But have you considered how to prepare your home for retirement and old age?

With a bit of investment now, you can make updates to your home that will make it better suited for aging in place, and make it more likely you will be able to remain in your own home even if your health or mobility declines in later years.

One area you want to be particularly careful to update for aging in place is your bathroom. After all, senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to injuries from falls, and the bathroom can be a hazardous place in that regard.

Here are some key elements you will want to include in your aging in place bathroom remodel.

Curbless Shower: A curbless shower will not only add a modern design touch to your bathroom; it will also eliminate a potentially dangerous trip and fall hazard by allowing you to get in and out of the shower without stepping over a raised edge.

Comfort Height Toilet: Most toilets are rather low and can be difficult for older people to sit down on or stand up from. A comfort height toilet between 17 inches and 19 inches tall feels more like sitting down on a normal chair, and is a more accessible option. For maximum comfort opt for a comfort height toilet with an elongated bowl.

Floating Vanity: Standing up while shaving or putting on makeup at the bathroom vanity can be challenging as you get older. A floating vanity gives you the option to sit while you primp. Plus, it looks very stylish and modern and helps to add to the enduring appeal of your bathroom remodel.

Quality Lighting: Since your eyes may weaken as you age, it is important to have quality lighting in the bathroom. You will want both overhead lighting for general visibility and task lighting for your mirror and vanity.

Grab Bars: Grab bars and handholds don’t have to be ugly! With a bit of planning, you can work these safety features into your bathroom design in a way that looks almost natural. For example, if you install a rail shower, you could potentially install a custom reinforced grab bar that will match the linear design of the shower fixture.

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At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have many of the items you need to create a bathroom design that is both practical and attractive, including plumbing fixtures, bathroom cabinetry, and accessories. Come browse our showroom today to get inspired for your project and plan a bathroom remodel you will love for years to come.

Everything You Need for a Wet Room Bathroom

Mission West Kitchen and Bath has the designer fixtures you need for your wet room.

Everything You Need for a Wet Room BathroomLooking for something new and different to do for your new bathroom or bathroom remodel? A wet room just might be the perfect solution.

First, let’s start with the practical elements you will need for a safe and functional wet room:

  • Professional waterproofing: With a traditional shower, you can install a tray under the shower stall to protect your subfloor from water damage. With a wet room, there is no tray so you need to have a professional go in and make the entire floor—and the walls—water tight with a special membrane that can then be covered in tile.
  • Non-slip tile: To prevent falls in the wet room, it is important to choose a tile that will not become too slippery when wet. Natural stone or a small mosaic tile both work well.
  • Ventilation: When your shower stall takes up half the room, it is more important than ever to have adequate ventilation to draw humid air out of the bathroom and prevent mold and mildew issues.
  • Glass divider: In some wet room bathrooms, there is no division between the shower and the rest of the room. But if you have a smaller bathroom, you may need a divider to keep shower spray from flying everywhere. A floor-to-ceiling glass partition or door with minimal hardware will give you the functionality you need without ruining the open look of the wet room.

Now, for the fixtures you need to make your wet room look truly stunning:

  • Rain showerhead: A traditional angled shower head could easily end up spraying water where you don’t want it in a wet room. But a rain shower pouring straight down from above eliminates the problem and adds to the spa-like vibe of your bathroom at the same time. If you have a glass partition, you could also add a rail shower for those times you want to shower without getting your hair wet.
  • Linear drain system: A round divot in your floor with a circular drain plugged into it doesn’t look elegant or modern. A linear drain system along the wall is much better. Ideally, your wet room floor will be sloped so gradually towards the drain that you won’t even notice it.
  • Freestanding tub: In keeping with the open look of a wet room, you will want a freestanding bathtub. Since wet rooms tend to have a modern aesthetic, you will probably want a modern-looking tub as well, not a clawfoot tub.
  • Wall-hung sink and toilet: Installing a wall-hung toilet and sink (or a floating vanity) is another way to continue the theme of openness in your wet room design. It will also make it a lot easier to clean your floors.

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have all the designer fixtures you need for your wet room. Come browse our showroom for the perfect showerhead, drain, tub, sink, and toilet for your new wet room bathroom.

Is a Floating Vanity Right for Your Bathroom?

Points to keep in mind when considering installing a floating vanity

Is a Floating Vanity Right for Your Bathroom?Are you feeling eager to jump on the trend of floating vanities by installing one in your bathroom? Ask yourself these questions first to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Are You Planning a DIY Job?

If you’re hoping to get a vanity you can install yourself as an easy DIY project, a floating vanity is probably not for you. Because these vanities are wall-anchored, it is essential to have the correct structural supports in place. You also need to hang the cabinet perfectly evenly. You obviously don’t want to risk your vanity hanging crooked or falling off the wall.

How Much Storage Can You Sacrifice?

The most dramatic floating vanities are also the most minimalist. This means you’re going to lose some storage in the vanity. But this is okay as long as you have adequate storage elsewhere in the bathroom, such as in a built-in closet or a wall cabinet. Even so, you should think carefully about your storage needs and your vanity use habits when choosing a floating vanity. Some models actually have almost as much storage as a traditional vanity cabinet if that’s what you want and need. Just remember—as soon as your let your vanity clutter up with too much stuff, the clean, modern look of your floating vanity will be compromised.

Which Bathroom Is It For?

Floating vanities are often ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms because they help make the small space feel larger. And if the bathroom is not heavily used (like a guest bathroom or powder room) you probably won’t be as worried about storage. If you are considering a floating vanity for your master bath, you will probably want one that allows for a double sink.

Can the Rest of the Bathroom Keep Up?

Floating vanities are one of the hottest trends in modern bathroom design right now. But they’re not something you can easily shoehorn into your existing bathroom design, unless your bathroom already happens to be quite modern. So, before you fall in love with a floating vanity, make sure the rest of your bathroom won’t be embarrassed by its cutting-edge style—or be sure you’re willing to do some major renovations.

Need Help Selecting a Bathroom Vanity?

If you need help choosing your bathroom vanity, come to Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We have plenty of top-quality bathroom cabinetry to choose from, including many floating vanities.

Simple Touches to Create an Inviting, Livable Kitchen

Tips for creating a kitchen people want to hang out in.

Simple Touches to Create an Inviting, Livable KitchenWith the rise of the open floor plan, kitchens have increasingly become viewed as a communal space for families and friends to gather, rather than a more private, utilitarian space just for cooking. This has led to an evolution in certain aspects of kitchen design. Many designers now seem to be moving away from kitchens that are dominated by massive walls of cabinets and appliances—which can look cold and uninviting—to more open and inviting designs.

Here are a few of the relatively simple touches that are now being used to support a more livable kitchen design.

More Furniture or Furniture-Like Features

Instead of assuming every dish or kitchen implement needs to fit into a built-in cabinet, designers are increasingly leaving space for homeowners to have their own hutch or cabinet in the kitchen. This can help add personality to the kitchen, and, in the case of heirloom furniture, a sense of family history. Even when standalone furniture is not included, designers may make a nod to it by including furniture-like details such as cabriole legs on an island or a built-in bookcase on the side of a cabinet.

Island Seating

Adding seating at an island or peninsula is another way of tapping into the kitchen furniture trend. It clearly designates the space as communal and invites people to sit and participate in the experience of creating a meal or enjoy casual dining.

Statement Lighting

Island or peninsula seating can be further enhanced with statement lighting such as pendants or a chandelier over the counter. This reinforces the idea that the designer has deliberately created an area for socializing in the kitchen that is distinct from the cooking areas.

Appliance Drawers

When creating an inviting kitchen where people will feel encouraged to sit and stay awhile, it is very important to have ample counter space. After all, you don’t want people to feel like they are in the way in the kitchen. By concealing small appliances in specially built drawers, you can open up a lot of counter space. Microwave drawers are especially popular now.

Glass-Front Cabinets

For those who love ample storage in the kitchen but want to avoid the possibility of a cold, uninviting wall of cabinetry, simply adding glass doors on a few of the cabinets can really help. The glass breaks up the expanse of cabinets and also reveals an inviting glimpse of the glassware or dishes inside, calling up thoughts of shared meals and companionship.

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If you are interested in upgrading your kitchen, come to Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We carry many brands of furniture-quality kitchen cabinetry that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Top 6 Must-Haves for a Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Visit Mission West Kitchen and Bath for the latest designer bathroom fixtures

Top 6 Must-Haves for a Luxury Bathroom RemodelAre you unhappy with your current master bathroom design? Maybe some of the fixtures and décor look a bit dated, or maybe the whole layout just doesn’t work for you. In any case, you deserve a better bathroom.

According to the 2016 Cost vs Value report from Remodeling magazine, homeowners in the Los Angeles area can expect to recoup 70 percent of the cost of an upscale bathroom remodeling project in increased home value. So don’t skimp on your materials, fixtures, and accessories! Instead, come to Mission West Kitchen and Bath for top-quality designer products for your project.

We have plenty of options for you to choose from when sourcing the following top 6 must-haves for a luxury bathroom remodel.

Double Vanity

Having your own space in the bathroom to primp and prep, rather than feeling rushed by a partner who needs the mirror and sink too, is essential to creating the relaxing atmosphere you want in your luxury bathroom.

Soaker Tub

A beautiful soaker tub will create a focal point in your bathroom. You may want to consider a tub that allows for a side-mount faucet so that you can recline at either end without getting jabbed by the faucet.

Spacious Shower

A separate shower is definitely a must-have for any luxury master bath. If you have enough space, you might consider a curbless shower that doesn’t need to be completely closed off by glass or walls. This will help the whole bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious.

Statement Lighting

Because luxury master baths can become quite sprawling, you need to choose your light fixtures carefully. You’ll want designer task lighting for the vanity area as well as practical lighting options for the room as a whole. But don’t forget that you can also use statement lighting such as pendants or a small chandelier in the center of the room or over the tub to create additional drama in the design.

Stylish Storage

Nothing is going to detract from the high-end look of your bathroom faster than having your toiletries spread out in plain view. While you might like to display a pretty perfume bottle, jar of cotton balls, or bundle of fluffy towels, most items should be hidden. Make sure you have plenty of storage in the vanity or in matching bathroom cabinetry.

High-Tech Toilet

Don’t let your toilet become an afterthought. It can be an important part of your design. Opt for a wall-hung toilet for a modern look or invest in pampering features such as a heated seat or built-in bidet.

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Top Trends in Statement Lighting

Mission West Kitchen & Bath can introduce you to the timeless and trendy in the world of statement lighting.

Top Trends in Statement LightingLighting is an essential part of any interior design plan. On the practical side, lighting is obviously needed to make rooms functional. But light fixtures don’t need to be utilitarian. In fact, in many cases light fixtures can be used as a statement piece almost like a piece of art or an intriguing architectural detail.

The options for statement lighting are virtually limitless, and of course the statement you want to make will be highly personal to your design sensibilities and the particular space where you wish to place the light fixtures. However, you still want to remain abreast of the latest trends in statement lighting for inspiration.

Softened Industrial Look

The industrial look continues to be popular for statement lighting, especially for pendants. However, the stark look is now being softened a bit to create options that fit well into more traditional homes. For example, industrial pendants are now appearing in warmer metal tones like copper, gold, and even burnished brass. Using a filament bulb or antique-style bulb also helps make an industrial shape more relatable and suitable for a traditional home.

Colored Glass

Some designers are experimenting with bold, saturated colors for statement light fixtures. Colored glass is often paired with organic shapes or hand-blown glass.

Mixed Metals

Combining different metals or tones in one fixture or installation is also becoming popular. One common combination is black and burnished gold.

LED Lighting

The quality of LED lighting has increased dramatically in the past few years, with bulbs now available that can offer warm color temperatures identical to incandescent lights. Some types of LEDs even mimic the look of a filament bulb. Many consumers are now choosing LEDs for statement lighting because they are extremely energy-efficient—in some cases 6 to 7 times more efficient than a traditional bulb. Because LEDs are long-lasting, they make an excellent choice for hard-to-reach lights such as a pendant in a high-ceilinged foyer or room with a cathedral ceiling.

Miniature Pendants & Chandeliers

For many years, statement lighting was reserved for large public spaces such as the living room, dining room, or kitchen in an open floor plan home. However, in recent years miniature pendants and chandeliers have been cropping up in smaller, more private spaces such as bathrooms, closets, and laundry rooms. They help to add interest and appeal to a small room and can also lend a bit of glamor and drama to an otherwise utilitarian space.

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If you would like help and advice selecting statement lighting for your home, please come visit us at Mission West Kitchen & Bath. We have plenty of gorgeous fixtures to choose from whether your tastes are traditional or trendy.

4 Features to Consider for Your Kitchen Faucet Upgrade

Upgrade your kitchen faucet’s design appeal and functionality with some new features.

4 Features to Consider for Your Kitchen Faucet UpgradeAre you unhappy with your current kitchen faucet set? It may be that your primary concern is getting a new kitchen faucet that looks more attractive, but don’t forget that this is also an opportunity to get some new and valuable functionalities from your faucet set. Here are 4 features to consider.

Self-Retracting Spray Nozzle

With an ordinary faucet spout, it’s impossible to direct water to every corner of the sink. It can also be difficult to fill large vases or pots that are too tall to fit under the spout. A self-retracting nozzle solves these problems. However, if you want your new kitchen faucets to be on-trend, we recommend opting for a faucet that has a retractable head right on the spout, rather than a faucet set that has a separate sprayer hose.

Touchless Controls

When cooking or cleaning, you probably often end up with messy hands. Rather than risk getting gunk on your lovely new faucet handles, opt for a kitchen faucet that offers touchless electronic controls. Some models use touch sensors that you could activate with the back of your hand or your elbow, while others use motion sensors. Touch sensor faucets sometimes also offer the ability to control temperature as well as turn the water on and off.

Water Filtration Faucet

If you like to filter your drinking water, there are plenty of water filtration faucets to choose from. Many designers have made matching dispensers that pair with different styles of faucet sets. However, you may not like the cluttered look that a separate water filtration faucet creates on your kitchen sink. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem and still have easy access to delicious drinking water by selecting a kitchen faucet with a filtered water dispenser built right into the main faucet stem.

Pot Filler Faucet

If you are considering replacing your kitchen faucet, this is an excellent time to consider adding a pot filler faucet to your kitchen. These wall-mounted faucets can be placed near your stove or cooktop to make it easy to fill large stock pots in place, so you don’t have to carry heavy pots from one end of your kitchen to the other. By getting your new pot filler faucet and your new kitchen faucet together, you can make sure they are a perfect match.

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Details Matter—Get Designer Hardware

Mission West Kitchen and Bath has all the designer hardware options you need

Details Matter—Get Designer Hardware When it comes to your interior design, it’s not just about the big decisions like flooring, wall coverings, and furniture. Every item plays a role in creating the look, right down to the smallest details. This includes your hardware. Fortunately, you can find all the designer hardware you need at Mission West Kitchen and Bath.

Exterior Locksets

Obviously, the exterior of your home is extremely important in creating a good first impression and setting people’s expectations of what may be found inside. Don’t forget the details! One tiny detail that may be overlooked by residents who habitually enter through the garage—but not by visitors coming to the formal entry—is the lockset on the front door. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have some absolutely beautiful options that can also provide ample security.

Interior Doorknobs

Interior doorknobs are also important in creating the desired look for your home. At our showroom, we have many options to choose from, including some options that lock for private spaces. We have many different finishes as well as different styles appropriate for modern and traditional homes.

Cabinet Hardware

With the right hardware, it’s easy to infuse your personality into even the simplest kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. We have an ample selection of pulls, tabs, handles, and knobs to suit most any style. Options are available in a variety of metallic finishes as well as different colors of glass or ceramic knobs.

Bathroom Hardware

In a small space like a bathroom, you really want all your hardware to match or at the very least complement each other. We do have some complete designer hardware collections that include everything you need to outfit your bathroom, from drawer pulls to towel rings to toilet paper holders. However, you can also mix and match among designers. We also have a nice selection of bathroom plumbing fixtures if you want to purchase all the finishing touches for the bathroom at once.

Outlet and Grill Covers

Electrical outlets and HVAC vents are absolutely necessary for a comfortable, functional home. Unfortunately, they can be anything from unremarkable to downright ugly. With products from Mission West Kitchen and Bath, you can change this. We have a nice selection of grill covers including ones in finishes that pop and finishes that blend in, so you can choose whether to highlight the grill or downplay it. We also have a few options for outlet covers, which are especially desirable for spots where the outlets are prominently placed, such as your bathroom vanity or kitchen backsplash.

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Our inventory is always changing as our favorite designers put out new collections of hardware. We invite you to stop by today and take a look.

Want New Kitchen Cabinets? Try These Easy Updates First

Three relatively easy updates that could stave off a major kitchen remodel.

Want New Kitchen Cabinets? Try These Easy Updates FirstAre you unhappy with how your kitchen looks? Before you assume that the only way to get the look you want is to tear out your existing cabinets and install new ones, try these three updates.

Change the Hardware

Simply replacing all the knobs and handles on your cabinet doors and drawers can go a long ways towards changing the look of your kitchen. This is especially true if the cabinets themselves are relatively simple and allow for this kind of design versatility. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have an excellent selection of cabinet hardware from some of the best designers working today. Whether your look is sleek and understated or bold and funky, we have options for you.

Replace Cabinet Doors

If you are bothered by a large expanse of boring cabinet doors, replacing a few sets with new glass doors could be just the update you need. Glass doors can not only help break up a wall of cabinets, but also create a focal point in the kitchen where you can display some of your prettier dishes and glassware. Of course you don’t have to choose glass doors when making the swap, but typically glass doors work best for the mix and match look and will save you from having to change out every single door and drawer in your kitchen.

Repaint or Refinish

If you are unhappy with the color of your cabinets, you might consider repainting or refinishing them. If you take this approach, make sure you take the time to properly prep the cabinets to receive the new color. If you don’t, it may look okay in the short term but you will not be happy with the result in a few years’ time. Solid wood cabinets typically lend themselves best to repainting or refinishing, but it is possible to repaint laminate cabinets as well.

No Luck? Time for Custom Cabinetry

If none of these updates seems likely to solve your kitchen cabinet problems, you will need to replace the cabinets. To get the best value for your investment in new kitchen cabinetry, we highly recommend going the custom route. This will cost more initially, but your custom cabinets will be very well-made and will last longer than factory made cabinets. Plus, when you choose custom cabinetry you get the ability to make your kitchen look and function exactly how you want. To learn more about the superior cabinet makers we partner with, please contact us at 626-799-3503 today.