Answers to FAQ About Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Projects

 Answers to FAQ About Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling ProjectsIf you’re considering remodeling your bathroom and / or kitchen then you likely have questions. You’ll find plenty of information out there about how to save money on a kitchen remodeling project or the best way to make your remodeled bathroom. Today at Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we want to answer some of those questions you don’t see answered as often. Read them now and then reach out to us at 626-799-3503 for more information or to get started on your renovation.

What’s the top thing to consider when hiring a contractor?

Do your research and make sure you’re choosing someone who can handle your project from start to finish. This includes demolition, rebuilding, and everything in between. Make sure they have experience with every aspect of your project, from cabinetry to counter installation to tiling. You also want to work with a company that specializes in bathrooms and kitchens so you know they’ll have the experience you need.

What’s the most time-consuming part of a remodeling project?

There are a lot of steps to installing tile and many factors to consider. You must make sure that all the patterns are installed correctly, you have to keep an eye on each tile to make sure it’s level, square, and placed the way it’s supposed to – and you often have thousands of tiles to place in this way. As you can imagine, it’s essential to choose a company that has plenty of experience with this intricate work.

What can a homeowner do to prepare for the first day of remodeling?

There are two things a homeowner can embrace to have the best chance at success: Planning and flexibility. Homeowners need to have an idea of what they want but they should also be flexible. Sometimes what they want won’t work within their budget, or won’t work with the current setup of their home. Being flexible can yield the best results.

There are also a few preparations a homeowner can do. First, they can find a spot for the contractors to get set up. This might be in the yard, on the driveway, or in part of the garage. We need a spot to set our tools.

Another good idea is to create a path from the entry way to the room being remodeled. Depending on your kitchen or bath design, we may be bringing in drywall, bathroom sinks, and other large items. You may want to roll up rugs, get furniture out of the way, and remove artwork. However, we can always do this for you as well.

Finally, get rid of all of your belongings in the room we’ll be working on. For example, if you’re having your kitchen cabinets replaced, you’ll want to move all your dishes, pots, pans, etc. from your cabinets and store them safely until we’re done.

Do you have additional questions? Or are you ready to get started with your remodeling project? Either way, now is a great time to reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 for more information.


Factors to Consider When Designing the Perfect Guest Bathroom

ToiletFactors to Consider When Designing the Perfect Guest BathroomWhen you’re designing a guest bathroom, you want to create a space that you know your guests will feel comfortable in and feel welcomed by. Comfort and accessibility are both important factors to consider – but they’re not the only factors to consider. Learn more below and then reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to find out more about your options.

Start by making sure the basics are covered

First and foremost, start by figuring out how to cover the basics. This includes making sure you have a quality show or bath, finding a vanity that offers the necessary counter space, figuring out how to add accessible storage, and choosing the right sink. Most of the time, a single sink is all that’s required in a guest bathroom but make sure it’s properly lit and always include a mirror above it.

Guests don’t have the same needs as a resident of a home

You do want your guest bathroom to be convenient and accessible but remember that their needs are different than those living in the home. For example, a guest is going to need much less storage room than a regular occupant. While it may seem that the guest bathroom is a great place to store all your toiletries and medical extras, consider that this is not a good idea if you have guests with kids.

Make it easy for guests to find what they need

Your guests do not want to spend time digging through your cabinets to find what they want. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can feel impolite. This is why it’s common for guest bathrooms to have open shelves and vanity storage. Hooks are a great option too – you can hang a guest bathrobe, towels, a hair dryer, etc. all in easy reach.

You may also want to consider the needs of a guest who may stay longer. For example, if you expect the grandparents may come for more than a week at a time, then you may want to plan extra room to keep a hamper.

You have lots of choices when it comes to style

Some homeowners like to keep their guest bathroom simple, elegant, and luxurious. They choose colors, textures, materials, and fabrics that more people are likely to enjoy. On the other hand, some people choose to really let their personality come through.

After all, it’s common for a homeowner to want their own bathroom – that they’ll see day in and day out every day of the year – to be a serene, comforting place. A guest bathroom on the other hand, is essentially a place that’s only seen by anyone on a special occasion and can thus be unique and full of personality.

These are just a few of the tips we have for those who are adding a guest bathroom or remodeling their current guest bathroom. For more ideas, and to get the process started, we urge you to reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 as soon as possible.

6 Kitchen Features That Any Baker Will Love

6 Kitchen Features That Any Baker Will Love Remodeling a kitchen means you can create the perfect kitchen for your needs. As a master baker, or even just a hobbyist, there are a host of features that can make your job a lot easier. Contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to learn more about the many kitchen remodeling options we can offer that will make your kitchen so much easier to use, or read on to learn about six of the coolest features available in today’s kitchens.

  1. Incorporate a stand mixer

  2. Every maker needs a great stand mixer, yet the main issue with these appliances is that they’re heavy and they are hard to move. If you bake regularly then there’s no reason your kitchen remodel can’t include a permanent spot for your stand mixer.

  3. A garage for your small appliances

  4. If you’re like most bakers, you’ve got lots of small appliances that make the work of baking much easier. During your kitchen remodel, the goal is to find a way to tuck them away so that your kitchen stays clean and uncluttered when they’re not in use but they’re still easy to reach. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we can create custom cabinetry that does exactly that.

  5. A workspace that’s placed correctly and sized right

  6. Depending on the type of baking you do, you may want your workspace located right next to the sink. Other bakers may want their workspace situated right by the stove. There are numerous places you can put your workspace and one of the joys of designing your own kitchen is that you not only decide where it is, but you can decide how big it is.

  7. Storage for your specific needs

  8. One of the joys of working with a company that specializes in kitchen renovations is that we can offer unique solutions to storing everything you use in the kitchen. Imagine how much easier baking would be if you always knew where your rolling pins were, or if your parchment paper wasn’t simply stacked with a host of other kitchen goods? You’ll be shocked by the options we have available for you.

  9. A built-in spice rack

  10. So many home bakers have a bin with dozens of bottles of spices and when they need one, their only option is to dig through them all. Others have them lined up in a spice rack – but that spice rack can only hold a few of their favorite spices. We can actually create spice racks built right into your drawers. They keep everything tidy and out of the way yet easy for you to reach when you need them.

  11. A double oven

  12. Most bakers only dream of having a double oven but this could easily become your reality. Imagine being able to bake several batches of cookies, numerous layers of cakes, or even totally different baked goods at different temperatures at the same time.

Be sure to reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath soon to find out more about the many ways we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


Ready to Renovate Your Bathroom? Important Factors to Consider First

Ready to Renovate Your Bathroom? Important Factors to Consider First Why shouldn’t you have your dream bathroom? Not only will it make you feel luxurious and lovely, but it can add to the value of your home. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we support anyone who wants to renovate their bathroom but we also want you to have the most success. That’s why we’re here to ensure you’ve considered the important things before you get started.

In total, there are four categories of factors to consider as you make plans for a bathroom renovation. Read on to learn more about them and then reach out to us at 626-799-3503 to learn more about options to remodel your bathroom.

  1. Consider the performance value

  2. When you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, make sure you’re considering not just how it will look but how well it will perform. Meaning, if the main issue with your bathroom now is that there isn’t enough room, make sure that any renovation you do addresses that issue. This doesn’t have to mean you expand the bathroom. In some cases, it may mean simply rearranging your appliances to take better advantage of the space that’s there.

  3. Consider the investment value

  4. According to most any real estate professional you could ask, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects offer some of the best returns on investment compared to other rooms in the house you might renovate. It’s true that you want to remodel your bathroom with your own needs in mind and not geared solely toward what will give you the best return on your investment, but you’d be wise to have your return on investment be at least part of the decision making process.

  5. Consider the marketing value

  6. This is similar to the investment value in that it won’t come home to roost until the day you decide to sell your home. Whether you expect that’ll be within a year or two or it’ll be twenty years from now, being able to announce that a home has a luxury bathroom can get more potential home buyers through the doors – and the more people look at a home the more likely it is to sell for its full value.

  7. Consider the enjoyment value

  8. For many homeowners, this is the most important factor: How much will you enjoy any improvements you make? At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we believe you should have the bathroom of your dreams. For example, if you want a huge claw foot tub, then you should have one – even if this may not be the best investment in your particular area. You do want to be savvy but at the end of the day, it’s your bathroom and you should be sure it’s one you’ll enjoy.

If you’re ready to get started on your bathroom renovation then we’re ready to talk to you. Contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 right away. We look forward to taking a look at your home, your wants, and helping you come up with the best possible bathroom you can imagine.

6 Reasons to Consider Installing a Bidet in Your Remodeled Bathroom

6 Reasons to Consider Installing a Bidet in Your Remodeled BathroomIt may be relatively rare to use bidets in the United States but they’ve been a must-have in European countries and other areas of the world for centuries. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we strive to provide bathroom remodels that perfectly meet our clients’ needs. That’s why we want to present six reasons that it may be worth your while to consider installing a bidet when you remodel your bathroom.

  1. You could save a significant amount of toilet paper

  2. Of course, installing a bidet doesn’t mean you’ll stop using toilet paper altogether, but it could result in a significant drop in the amount you use. Remember that in the United States, more than 36 million rolls are used each year. That’s about 15 million trees! Bidets help significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper needed, which is reason enough for some people to consider installing one.

  3. You might actually use less water with a bidet

  4. This is a big surprise to many people. After all, if you’re using an additional appliance that uses water, wouldn’t you be using more water? The truth is that the bidet does use water but it uses a fraction of the water that’s used every time the toilet is flushed. For older toilets that must be flushed a few times to get rid of all the toilet paper, it can be more efficient to use a bidet.

  5. Your plumbing system will thank you

  6. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we can install incredible plumbing fixtures and ensure that your remodel looks great. However, if you have an older home with an older plumbing system, even the newest looking toilet may not fare well. Flushing toilet paper can be a hazard to the environment and to a septic tank.

  7. Bidets are much more affordable than you think

  8. Most people think of bidets as a luxury item simply because it’s not common to see them in the United States. However, make no mistake – they’re actually not that expensive. Call us at 626-799-3503 to get more information and for a quote on how much your new bidet will cost.

  9. Today’s bidets are versatile

  10. We’re always excited to show our clients the huge range of toilets and bidets available on today’s market. Gone are the days of a single style of bathroom fixtures. Today you can get truly stylish bidets that are essentially a work of art. You can even have a bidet installed right on to your existing toilet.

  11. You can save money

  12. We’ve mentioned above that using a bidet can help you save water and use less toilet paper. When you combine those two aspects what do you get? Less money spent! Who wouldn’t want to be cleaner while creating less waste and saving money?

If you’re interested in adding a bidet to your bathroom remodel, or you want to stick with the classic toilet, Mission West Kitchen and Bath can help. We create luxury bathrooms and kitchens for clients of discerning taste. Contact us today at 626-799-3503 for more information.


Learn How to Choose a Material for Your Brand New Bathtub

Learn How to Choose a Material for Your Brand New BathtubIt wasn’t long ago that when you wanted a new bathtub, you had a few options to choose from and the process was pretty simple. Today they have technology that could make your head spin, but not only that – there are half a dozen materials you can choose from too! While it may seem overwhelming initially, it really is good news because every client of Mission West Kitchen and Bath can find a material that works for them.

Read on to learn more about the main options and how to choose between them. Then give us a call at 626-799-3503 or stop by one of our bathroom and kitchen fixtures showrooms to see a lot of these options in person.

Acrylic tubs

The main advantages to an acrylic tub is that they’re lightweight and they’re glossy. This is the type of plastic that you’re used to seeing bathtubs made from. The main downside is that acrylic can scratch fairly easily but keep in mind that it’s also pretty easy to repair when compared to a material like cast iron or metal. Acrylic can also be formed into a variety of shapes, which makes it a popular choice.

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tubs

These are often very shiny – almost dazzling – in large part because they have a gelcoat on top. That makes them extremely easy to clean, and it also means they can be made in a variety of shapes. For that reason, fiberglass is a popular choice for air tubs and custom whirlpools. The downside is that they’re less durable than some other options. For example, if the impact was strong enough, a single accident could destroy this type of material.

Cast iron tubs

Yes, you likely think of cast iron as something you fry bacon in, but it actually makes a great material for making tubs. It’s extremely durable and typically comes with a porcelain enamel finish that makes it look great. The downside is that you must use non-abrasive cleaners and can’t clean this type of tub vigorously or the enamel can be damaged. In fact, over time the enamel is going to wear away no matter what you do, and this can lead the cast iron to rust.

Finally, keep in mind that the heaviness of cast iron means they hold heat much longer and better than other materials, but it also means that you must install them somewhere with plenty of support.

Composite tubs

Another popular option for new bathtubs are composite tubs, which are made out of several materials. In most cases, the composite is the material that makes the bathtub – known as the infrastructure – and then the enamel covers the composite. The purpose is to build a bathtub that’s very durable and able to keep heat like a cast iron tub can, but that doesn’t weigh as much. In fact, they can be as little as one-third of the weight of a cast iron tub.

If you have questions about other materials or the ones listed above, feel free to stop by Mission West Kitchen and Bath or give us a call at 626-799-3503. Our experienced staff looks forward to helping you with your project!

6 Ways to Save Your Budget When Completing a Bathroom Remodel

6 Ways to Save Your Budget When Completing a Bathroom Remodel You want the best deals on your new bathroom, but you don’t want to skimp on quality. This is the dilemma of virtually everyone who works on a bathroom remodel. The good news is that Mission West Kitchen and Bath is here to help you save money on your budget without compromising quality or style.

  1. Have a professional come up with plans

  2. Even if you’re particularly handy and want to handle most of the project on your own, it’s still wise to hire a contractor to come up with the plans. For example, a qualified contractor can tell you not just which tubs will look incredible but which will work best for your needs. The last thing you want are surprises – because surprises almost always cost money – so let us take care of the plans for you.

  3. Know your focal points

  4. Every room needs a focal point. In a bathroom, the incredible bathroom sink is often the focal point. You can make it beautiful by choosing the right one in the first place, but you can further accentuate it by choosing other materials that match it and by adding accessories that complement the sink.

  5. Look for ways to update your cabinets

  6. Everyone wants new cabinets but the truth is that you can often make your old cabinets look brand new by simply painting them a light color, switching out the hardware to some new, shinier pieces, and rearranging them to get rid of things you don’t need – thus increase the space you have for what you do need.

  7. Glass can make a space look larger

  8. If you’re dealing with a small space, knocking out a wall isn’t your only option to feel as though you’ve gained space you can also add glass shelves, a glass shower, or even glass cabinets. Glass helps the room fell more open and the more open it feels, the larger it will feel.

  9. Add splashes of color

  10. If you want to both bring a room together and make it unique, adding a few splashes of color is a great way to do that. For example, you could do something as simple as getting a new, bright vase, filling it with silk flowers, and adding matching candles.

  11. Take advantage of all your space

  12. Are you using all your space as well as you could? If you think you are, then we have one question for you: What’s in your corners? These are often just wasted space but corners are great places for accessories, corner shelves, and even sinks.

If you’re ready to learn more about saving money on your incredible bathroom remodel then you’re ready to call Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503. We look forward to helping you discover all the possibilities. Whether you’re starting from scratch or we’re incorporating many elements of your current bathroom into your new bathroom, we have you covered.

6 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Company to Help with Your Kitchen Design

6 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Company to Help with Your Kitchen Design Choosing the right kitchen design company can feel like a huge undertaking. You want to get a great price, you want to get great quality appliances and designs, but you don’t know where to start. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we’re happy to walk you through the process. Stop by our showroom, call us at 626-799-3503, or read on to learn about the six things that make a company worthy of your business.

  1. A showroom you like

  2. Some clients never go to their design company’s showroom but we think it’s wise to do so. You can get an idea of how professionally a company runs, you can learn about their selection, and you can ensure that the standards of quality and design are up to your needs. It’s also wise to assure that they either have the style you like or that they have a variety of styles that leads you to believe that they can create the kitchen remodel you’re looking for.

  3. A willingness to educate you

  4. The truth is that you’re likely to spend quite a bit of money by the time you pick out your cabinets, new kitchen appliances, flooring, etc. You want to make sure that you’re making the right decision along the way. Some companies want to walk in and completely take over. This isn’t going to work for you. Instead, you want a company that’s willing to discuss all the options with you, and a company that will break down all the pros and cons of each option. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we believe you have a right to make informed decisions.

  5. Quality products

  6. It’s almost never true that the lowest priced item is going to be the best value. You want to make an investment in quality products that are going to stand the test of time.

  7. Experienced personnel from start to finish

  8. It’s not enough to have one person on staff that can expertly install cabinets. You’re looking for people with experience, passion, and a commitment to quality work. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials or for references.

  9. Estimates in writing

  10. It’s likely that you’ll first go over prices and options without putting anything down on paper. However, before you hire anyone and before you let work get underway, you absolutely need everything in writing.

  11. A company with integrity

  12. One of the easiest ways to tell if a company really has integrity or if they’re just trying to make a sale is to see how much pressure they put on you. If you visit their showroom, they should be willing to talk to you but should never put the hard sell on, or appear to be telling you what you want to hear.

If you want to know what it’s like to work with a company who takes your needs seriously, feel free to contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503. We are ready to help you create your dream kitchen.

Lighting May Be the Most Important Design Element You’re Overlooking

Lighting May Be the Most Important Design Element You’re OverlookingWhen homeowners are designing a living room or bedroom, they often think about the lighting. They want task lighting to ensure they can see what they need to see, and they understand that lighting can set the mood. However, those same homeowners often don’t think twice about lighting when designing a kitchen or bathroom. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we keep an eye on every detail of the projects we complete – including the lighting.

Lighting can help your room transform to another shape or size

If you have a bathroom that’s small, then you may add plenty of light colored walls and extra light reflected on them to help the room appear larger. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of repainting your walls, then adding directional lighting (for example, track lighting) can actually make the color of the walls look softer. Recessed lighting can also add a soft glow to a room.

Lighting has a purpose

Before we choose your lighting options based on your preferences, we’ll first consider how you need to use the light. Does your bathroom need both soft light for showering but bright lights for when you’re doing your makeup? Does your kitchen need a bright light directly over the area you most typically use at night? Or do you want your kitchen to have bright lights throughout? No matter how great we make the lighting look, if it’s not functional then it won’t be worth it.

You have many options in lighting fixture options

Once you have an idea of what your lighting needs to be used for, and how you’ll accomplish that, you can begin to think about what the lighting fixtures themselves will look like. Don’t get stuck believing that one type of fixture goes in one type of room and can’t work somewhere else. For example, who says you can’t have a chandelier in a bathroom? Not only will you be adding some dramatic and truly interesting light, but you’ll also be adding a fixture that will make its own statement.

It all starts with finding the right company to work with

The great thing about working with a company like Mission West Kitchen and Bath is that we specialize in kitchens and bathrooms. Sure, any general contractor is likely willing to take on your project, but will they understand how lighting needs to be used in a bathroom as opposed to a bedroom? Or will they understand your unique kitchen lighting needs? Stick with the experts who specialize in what you need.

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we’re proud of our years of experience. Take a look at some of our past projects and then give us a call at 626-799-3503 for your consultation. We offer a wide range of brands, styles, and products to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

The Design is in the Details: How to Choose the Right Shower Drain

The Design is in the Details: How to Choose the Right Shower Drain As you design your perfect bathroom, there are many things to consider. For example, many people start with choosing a tub, a shower, or a vanity. They then decide what type of flooring they want, how they want their walls to look, and what hardware they’ll use on their cabinetry. Some homeowners stop there but those who want the perfect bathroom know that it’s all about the details – including finding the right shower drain.

Let the professional settle on the plumbing

What you see in your shower is actually the grate. The drain is what’s under the grate and there are many options. The type of home you’re in, the grade of your bathroom floor, and many other factors will determine what the right type of actual drain and plumbing will be for your home. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we recommended that you discuss the options with your home improvement company to choose the right solution.

Start by choosing the finish

The easiest place to start is by deciding what type of finish you want. If you have hardware that’s a metal of some color then you’re likely going to want to match them. however, some modern bathrooms utilize wood, porcelain, and other materials that aren’t appropriate for a drain. In that case, you’ll want to decide between the two main options: Silver or gold. Once you’ve chosen one of those, then you can further narrow it down to things like brushed silver, or antique gold.

Choose simple or ornate

You may find it best to simply visit our showroom and look through the options to see what strikes your eye. However, if you’d like to further narrow down your options, then decide if you want a simple drain or something that will stand out. We have everything from flower patterns to wavy patterns to cornice-inspired patterns. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our selection, don’t be afraid to ask us. We are here to perfect your bathroom and will do everything we can to accomplish that goal.

Choose a functional drain

Remember that your drain grate isn’t just there for looks – it also needs to serve a purpose. The main purpose it has is to prevent excess hair from going down it. If you buy a drain that has a grate with too much space, you may end up having to add a hair catch-all, which would negate the attractive appearance of the drain you choose.

This isn’t the most major decision you’ll make but at Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we believe in looking at every detail to ensure the best possible end product. If you’re ready to learn more about your options and speak to design professionals who are passionate about this work, then call us at 626-799-3503. We look forward to helping you create your dream bathroom.