6 Kitchen Features That Any Baker Will Love

6 Kitchen Features That Any Baker Will Love Remodeling a kitchen means you can create the perfect kitchen for your needs. As a master baker, or even just a hobbyist, there are a host of features that can make your job a lot easier. Contact Mission West Kitchen and Bath at 626-799-3503 to learn more about the many kitchen remodeling options we can offer that will make your kitchen so much easier to use, or read on to learn about six of the coolest features available in today’s kitchens.

  1. Incorporate a stand mixer

  2. Every maker needs a great stand mixer, yet the main issue with these appliances is that they’re heavy and they are hard to move. If you bake regularly then there’s no reason your kitchen remodel can’t include a permanent spot for your stand mixer.

  3. A garage for your small appliances

  4. If you’re like most bakers, you’ve got lots of small appliances that make the work of baking much easier. During your kitchen remodel, the goal is to find a way to tuck them away so that your kitchen stays clean and uncluttered when they’re not in use but they’re still easy to reach. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we can create custom cabinetry that does exactly that.

  5. A workspace that’s placed correctly and sized right

  6. Depending on the type of baking you do, you may want your workspace located right next to the sink. Other bakers may want their workspace situated right by the stove. There are numerous places you can put your workspace and one of the joys of designing your own kitchen is that you not only decide where it is, but you can decide how big it is.

  7. Storage for your specific needs

  8. One of the joys of working with a company that specializes in kitchen renovations is that we can offer unique solutions to storing everything you use in the kitchen. Imagine how much easier baking would be if you always knew where your rolling pins were, or if your parchment paper wasn’t simply stacked with a host of other kitchen goods? You’ll be shocked by the options we have available for you.

  9. A built-in spice rack

  10. So many home bakers have a bin with dozens of bottles of spices and when they need one, their only option is to dig through them all. Others have them lined up in a spice rack – but that spice rack can only hold a few of their favorite spices. We can actually create spice racks built right into your drawers. They keep everything tidy and out of the way yet easy for you to reach when you need them.

  11. A double oven

  12. Most bakers only dream of having a double oven but this could easily become your reality. Imagine being able to bake several batches of cookies, numerous layers of cakes, or even totally different baked goods at different temperatures at the same time.

Be sure to reach out to Mission West Kitchen and Bath soon to find out more about the many ways we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.